Monthly Benefit Statement

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To register your details to access your monthly information statement online, complete this Password Registration Form and send the completed and signed form to the Fund via e-mail, post or fax.


PO Box 1922

Fax: 053 807 3500

You will receive an e-mail within 5 working days confirming your PIN number and password.

Viewing your benefit statement

Once you have received your PIN number and password from the Fund (via e-mail), click on the link below.

You need to fill in your PIN number and Password (no gaps between the numbers) to view your monthly information statement.

View Monthly Benefit Statement

The values reflected on the statement are updated on a monthly basis on or around the 10th of the new month. The Fund receives contributions from the various Employers up to the 7th of each month. Updated values will therefore only reflect on or around the 10th of the new month.

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