Defined Benefit Forms

All forms must be submitted to the Fund via your Human Resources Department, no forms are to be submitted without your HR Department’s approval.

All retirement, withdrawal, retrenchment and transfer forms should be submitted to the Fund as soon as possible prior to your last working day to ensure timeous payment of benefits.

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Contact Information Update

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In addition, certified copies of the following must be attached to the documentation:

  • ID Documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate

Retirement - Normal, Early and Retrenchment


Death Benefit Nomination


Additional Voluntary Contributions

A member wishing to make additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) to the Fund, should complete the following form and submit it to their payrolls department:

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Approximate Calculation

A member wishing to retire or withdraw, should first obtain approximate calculations from the Fund regarding his/her pension options by completing the form below:



If a member dies, the following form must be completed and submitted to Sanlam:


If a member dies, the following forms must be completed and submitted to the Fund:


Funeral Nomination Form

Please note that funeral benefits are only be paid to a nominated beneficiary in terms of new legislation and, where there is no nominated beneficiary, to the estate of the deceased. This means that if you do not nominate a beneficiary to receive your funeral benefit (in the event that it is you who passes away), the funeral benefit will be paid into your estate and might not be available to help your family cover the funeral costs in good time.

To make things as easy as possible for your loved ones, we urge you to complete the Sanlam Beneficiary Nomination Form, and hand it to your HR Department, as soon as possible. A copy of this form can be emailed to the Fund for record-keeping purposes.



If a member is transferred from one operation to another, the following form should be completed and submitted to the Fund:



If a member:

  • Resigns,
  • Is dismissed, or
  • Retrenched,

the following forms must be submitted directly to the Fund:


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