Pensioner Information Booklet

Click here to find the latest version of the Fund’s Pensioner Information Booklet, for your records. The following information has been updated:

  • Membership numbers of the various groups within the Fund (DC and DB section, working members and pensioners, etc.);
  • The pension increase that applied from 1 January 2021;
  • The amount that the Fund holds in assets;
  • The Covid-19 pandemic as a factor in investment performance;
  • The name of the company that acts as the Fund’s legal counsel;
  • The year in which the next Trustee election will take place; and
  • The minimum lump sum payable to a surviving spouse when a DB Life Annuitant pensioner passes away (with a definition added to clarify who would be an eligible spouse).

If you have any Fund-related question that are not answered in this booklet, or would like to suggest additional information that our communication team can add to future versions to help pensioners, please get in touch via email on, or by calling us on 053 807 3222 (option 1).

Stanley Mathonzi